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The Room Upstairs


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7 thoughts on “The Room Upstairs

  1. What did this room used to be? Amazing shots.

  2. Seems to be a decent timeline:

    Graffiti timeline of the RC Cola Plant:

    Early 1990s: The words “Yammy, Yammy, Miami” are displayed on one of the walls
    1995 through 1998: All illegal pieces
    1999: Illegal blockbuster done by graffiti legends Crook and Crome (Crook and Crome are two of Miami’s most infamous graffiti writers. During the height of the controversy surrounding these two artists, they executed an enormous blockbuster on this wall during the daytime.)
    2000-2001: Lebo painted the wall and was dissed by Miami graffiti writers. (Lebo Lebatard is a Miami artist with a fantastic career. He is known for painting a lot of music-inspired works of art and is the brother of the sports writer and radio host Dan Lebatard. The reason it got dissed is because the wall belonged to Miami Graffiti writers, and Lebo painted over their works. Though he is a respected artist, he’s not a street artist. It probably wasn’t intentional, but that’s what happened.)
    2002: Meks, Aim Crew, Freek, Ultra, Gwiz, Dam Crew, Cure, Msix, Bane, MSG, and the inkheads painted a mural for use in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious.
    2005 (est.): Altoids uses local graffiti artists to create a writer’s album for promotional purposes.
    2008: Primary Flight takes over the plant with permission from its current owners.
    2009: Primary Flight redoes both the interior and exterior of the property for Art Basel.
    2010: Primary Flight will again rework the old RC Cola Plant as part of its Art Basel installation.

  3. Great shots. I love pics of abandoned places. Maybe I need medication.

  4. I can def see the difference in technique with these and the shooting gallery. You’ve got something with that hyper-reality.

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