Art by Nullality

Wynwood Graffiti I

I’ve managed to grab an abundance of shots directed at paint on walls, it wasn’t until the Basel of 2010 that I decided to begin documenting walls and their ever changing messages, though. I’ll start posting some of my favorite pieces from that time, though many have a changed (especially considering another year of Basel) a few have managed to stick around.

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5 thoughts on “Wynwood Graffiti I

  1. I like how you captured at least the last one in this series seemingly from inside a car.

    Way to not let that little inconvenience stop you from getting a great shot.

    I enjoy your photos very much. đŸ™‚

  2. I love these! I remember when we first started seeing graffti…mostly dirty words by homone crazed teens. It has been interesting to see it grow into an intriguing art form. Great of you to make a collection of them. I also love the 3D sidewalk art…sure helps us see that our realities are seldom real. Looking forward to knowing why you asked me if I had ever taken DMT. hugs, pat

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