Art by Nullality

Canyons Resort, Utah

This will be a short post, but more of a thank you to my Father for our last vacation, unfortunately it was the last I will be able to share with him. There are seldom times when I feel like saying anything would be an injustice to how greatly I feel about something. You are very missed.

Juan Carlos Miguelez

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6 thoughts on “Canyons Resort, Utah

  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing with us. I know the feeling, and my heart goes out to you.

  2. I liked the first picture

  3. Great pics. I love the view from the pic ‘mountain2.’

  4. Graet HDR work you have !!!

  5. Bloomfield on said:

    Nice one mate, love the one with your feet in the foreground and then doom infront… keep it up 🙂

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