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Feast with the Beasts; Zoo Miami @ Night

While it was beautiful seeing the Zoo at night, I wish there was more area I could of explored (believe me I would of snuck out if I could of). Feast with the Beast featured a spectacular array of restaurant samplings and businesses at a fundraising event for the Zoological Society of Florida, to name a few: ABC Bartending, Bassets Ice Cream, Energy Kitchen, Shake shack, Miyagi Sushi, Starbucks, Schnebly Winery…

The event featured many live acts as well as a dance floor that reminded me of a Quinceañera, except there weren’t any drunken grandfathers showing off their dance skills. Free mixed drinks and soda (as well as water) provided by ABC Bar Tending and tons of free food to sample made for quite an evening, though one spot in particular stole the show for me

All in all, I’ve gotta say I had one of the best sushi rolls EVER by Eric from Miyagi Sushi. I took photos of him assembling the roll incase he forgets how to make or I can’t find him around, those photos will be at the end as it’s quite a bit of a sequence. I believe the recipe is as follows: Inside out roll, Avacado, Crab, Cucumber. Salmon, Sour Cream, Chives. Drizzled with Spicy Mayo and Eel Sauce. The only thing that would of made it even more perfect would of been Tempura flakes (either inside or on top) but hey, even without it was hands down top 3 rolls in my LIFE.


So here’s the finale: Eric, Master Sushi Roll Engineer for Life. It’s a blurry photo yes, but I got it as I was walking by and he was with other people. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise as I had already let him know how amazing the presentation and roll was especially given the circumstances

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8 thoughts on “Feast with the Beasts; Zoo Miami @ Night

  1. Looks like a wild night out…roaarrrr…!!!

  2. I have to admit I was expecting more photos of animals at night than people dressed as animals. I’m with the commenter above though – cool red flamingoes!

  3. Great flamingos…but more importantly where do I get one of those candelabra hats!

  4. Thanks for liking my blog! I stopped by to check yours. Made me wish I’d have been at this event instead of blogging 😉 Looked like a great time, and that sushi made me drool!!

  5. This looked like fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, and great to browse yours. Inspirational.

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