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Sweatstock 2012

I grabbed a few photos from the Roofless Records Patio stage, @ the third annual Sweatstock 2012. It was a pretty incredible showing, and for a day that started out raining it cleared up very nicely for the shows. If you don’t know, Sweatstock is an event / block party held by Sweat Records on Record Store Day in conjunction with Churchills Pub (conveniently located right next door).

I tried to focus on what I knew I wanted to grab seeing as how it would be a pretty long night and I intended to record as much as I could of the last couple of shows. I knew there wasn’t enough space for HD recording but I hadn’t tried Standard Def while recording a full set. I ended up deleting a few photos of the other stages to make room for video of Vico & Container which both had killer shows. I didn’t anticipate my two backup cards to not do well with long standard definition recordings. On the bright side I ordered a new 16GB card w/ 90 Mb/s to serve as my main go-to card, which is the same type as my 8GB and I know it can do 1080p @60 fps without needing to stop to capture.

Now for the Photos / Video

Dislexic Postcards

The President

Dim Past 

Diamond Hymen




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