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Hello World! (Haven’t we met before?)

So I discouraged myself from posting to ArtXNullality because I wanted to keep it populated with really amazing photography like a portfolio but I think that the idea of tracing my journey clouded the idea a bit much and after a while I didn’t really know what exactly I should be doing..

Given that, I decided it’s time to write for two blogs and I’ll be transitioning older posts over to LifeXNullality.

@Jmnartsy: “How’s tricks?”

It’s funny, I had no idea what that meant until that week, and i heard it on some TV show (VIA Netflix) later that same week which kind of made it eerie and the itch to get writing again started getting stronger.

Let’s fill in the gap: The last time I posted was April 23rd, since then I’ve worked on a Kickstarter for the Record company I intern at (Roofless Rex), along with helping out with various graphic stuff.  I’ve also made quite a bit of work as a freelance photographer and designer; specifically that bakery I first started working with has worked very closely with me on many print designs, web graphics, and hope to continue to work with them on future projects as they grow. I’ve got to say I’ve learned a hell of a lot in a short time starting to work for myself (like how to work out a billing system as a freelancer, or how much it sucks to open up a bank account in the name of my business).

That being said, the anniversary of my Father passing away came and went. I spent a bit of time in the Florida Keys with family though not as much as I’d of liked (that also means I’ve got more photos of the area and a sad update on the Islamorada machines). It was rather difficult dealing with the stress, & I didn’t realize how much it would stress my family out just because it was around the same time and we were all thinking about the events last year.

Anyway I think that’s enough catching up. I’ll leave you with some photos, hope to start posting my old posts along side new posts soon.

On my last blog I limited photos to 1200px, I’m increasing that to 1600px. Feel free to click away or visit my Flickr… or just subscribe and stay tuned = )


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2 thoughts on “Hello World! (Haven’t we met before?)

  1. Good to see you back. Congratulations on the business start up. Smashing photos.

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