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I’m existential and discordian, I’ve learned to thoroughly enjoy producing & practicing art of various degrees and spectrums. I’m pretty heavy into producing and photography though I hope to document my endeavors and adventures as I expand my base, portfolios, and work. I hope this site serves as a way of making new connections as well as journaling my art. I’m trying to get enough sales on Etsy to make more projects, go to more places, and to get a couple of spots in local galleries.

reach out about anything.

and please feel free to Pin any of my photos on Pinterest, all that I ask is to credit my photos with ‘ArtXNullality’ or’Nullality’.!/Nullality/

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful photos!
    thanks for stopping by
    Please check my art blog

  2. Mari on said:

    Great Pics!!!!!!! Eric’s the best Sushi Chef I know 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by Onelifethislife and liking my post Step Up… But Be Careful! I think have done some great work here! I’m looking foward to visiting again. I once lived in Miami. I had a blast as a kid! As a photographer taking photos in Miami it’s got to be heavenly. Miami is such a beautiful and lively place.

  4. Thanks for your photos on the Marine Stadium! I’m part of the group working to restore the Stadium and the kind of awareness from blogs like yours is great for us. I would like to use some of the photos on our website. Please let me know if this is ok! And for anyone who wants to be involved in the restoration of the Marine Stadium, please check out our website and sign up for our email list.

    Yours truly

    Don Worth, Co-Founder
    Friends of Miami Marine Stadium

  5. Hey–thanks for finding my peiphoneography blog and taking the time to take a look–the bonus is that I then get to find you and see your stuff–it’s breath-taking. Thank you for producing this kind of art:) And I REALLY LOVE the coloured hands/head icon on the top right of your “about”–did you make it?

    • Art X Nullality on said:

      I could never find the photographer but its’ a design I made with some stock photos that can be found by searching “Brand X L150 Glow” I combined a few images in photoshop to make it and eventually made it negative color / reversed the colors as I found I could use it for the blog if the background were white. So while yes, I did make the design, no the photos are not mine.

  6. Thanks for your support on Return to Didcot Railway Centre, it’s much appreciated….

  7. Hey thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂

  8. I just wanted to send you a thank you for the like on my article on the Thurston Lava Tubes. I have since posted more of the volcanoes park, and hope that you will come back for another visit! Take care – Barb, the Salmon Fishing Queen

  9. Thanks for the visit… Your work is beautiful! Love all the effects and visuals. Makes me miss Seattle.

  10. Thanks for supporting Great Western Rust….

  11. Thank you for taking a moment to read my “Rough Morning” post. It’s always nice to be directed to another quality photography blog.

  12. On first look I love your stuff. Will carry on looking.

  13. Hey there! Just sending some nominations your way for blog awards! Hope you enjoy I loooove instagram Fridays!

  14. I’m liking your blog and your work, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the likes, always appreciated:) Cheers Mark

  15. Thanks for “liking” my post. Do you live in Miami? I looked around your site a bit but not sure. Anyway, looks like you’re having fun. Keep it up!

  16. Thanks for taking the time to visit my (very) fledgling blog…..still new to me, so still learning.
    Love a lot of your work (especially the dereliction/decay type) and quite spookily I have quite a few shots similar to yours……..if only MY location was as exotic as yours !
    Thanks again for dropping by.

  17. Love your photos! Thanks a bunch for favoriting mine on wordpress. Your support is much appreciated 🙂

  18. Susie on said:

    Thanks so much for browsing and following my blog – it’s much appreciated! I’m now off to discover yours… 🙂

  19. Thanks for Following Storyteller. — Ray

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